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Friday, May 22, 2009
In the spirit of Keeping Austin Weird.

Here's his story.....

Thursday night (oct 23 2008) i was driving down to 7-Eleven on Brodie Lane South, around 9-10pm to get some cigs, when i was headed north and i saw a very large bright light low in the sky, next to some radar towers, didnt think much and just figured it was a plane, because the planes always come in from the north to bergstrom airport from that direction. but what i found interesting is it wasnt moving, when i got a few blocks farther east it was on the other side of
these radar towers, so from that angle it appeared to be moving and said ok its
an airplane, i get to the store and there are people standing outside
staring at it, i was there a litle while as i waited in line , approx 5 minutes or so, they where buisy.

When i came outside from the store, the light was in the same place, as i walked by the onlookers, i cracked a joke and said there coming to get us, everyone kinda chuckled.

What struck me as odd tho, was on my wack back home when i got on the main street where i originaly saw it, the bright light was in the same exact location as it was when i first drove down the street, by this time approx 10mins had past. Planes do not stay in the same place for the long of a time period, and it was to big to be a helicopter.

When i got home i asked my wife and her mother if they wanted to see a UFO, they laughed and i said i was dead serious, so we all jumped in the truck, drove down to where i saw it, and of course nothing, nada, zilch, completely gone.

If that was a plane we would have at least caught it coming into bergestrom airport, or other surounding areas.

Now tonight (Oct 25th 2008) they just had on the news KVUE, more sightings from up north in stephenseville, and you guessed it, the sightings where all on thursday night (oct 23 2008), one of the witness's even said his brother in Austin could see it from his location.

7 F16 fighters where scrambled shortly after the sighting, they claimed it was training, all i can say is, that was probably my first real UFO sighting in the sense that it was truly unidentified and could not compare it to anything i know of, not to mention now there have been multiple witness to come forth about it at the same time, same night.

What you see in this video was identical of what i saw from South Austin.